"No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible, until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought."

--- John Mill ---


"Jerry Want demonstrates -with no holds barred, real world examples- how ignoring the importance of a company's culture can lead to the demise of even the mightiest enterprise. His hierarchy of corporate cultures provides a helpful guide for assessing and transforming a company's culture."
--Jeffrey L. Bleustein, Ph.D. Chairman & CEO (Ret.), Harley-Davidson Motor Inc.

Dr. Jerry Want provides keen insights as to how management and boards of directors can deal with the culture of the enterprises they serve. This book should be required reading for executives and stakeholders."
--George Vojta, Chairman, E Standards Forum; Vice Chairman (Ret), Bankers Trust

The human side of business continues to confound even the best of corporations. Cultures must change as the business model changes. Dr. Want's newest book provides useful insights and strategies for transforming any business culture into a winning business culture."
--James Walker, Ph.D, President, The Walker Group Founder -The Human Resource Planning Society

At last, a real world perspective on the vital issue of corporate culture with solid recommendations for transforming underperforming and flawed business cultures into high performing cultures that will drive corporate success. No one understands the issue better than Jerry Want."
--Howard Levin, President and Chief Executive Officer (Ret). Digicon Electronics

Since 1986, Organization Strategies Intl. (OSI) has been recognized as a leading change management, corporate culture building & turn-around management consulting firm.

OSI was initially founded to serve mid-market manufacturing & distribution companies struggling to cope with the recession of the mid 1980s. OSI's reputation for individualized and cutting-edge consulting was soon in demand by Fortune 500 companies, especially those from the manufacturing, telecommunications, electronics, distribution and advanced technology sectors.

The firm's mission is to serve clients who seek alternative solutions for performance as they face the unique challenges created by the current period of radical change. Divestiture, deregulation/increased regulation, industry stagnation & consolidation, market globalization, break through technologies, and the rapid creation and demise of entire industries are no longer effectively addressed through the usual fads and fix its of reengineering, downsizing, TQM, and conventional business planning.

Our principal areas of expertise encompass:









During an era of unprecedented change and dislocation in the business world, far sighted business leaders now recognize that change planning, culture building, and leadership effectiveness are key ingredients for successfully managing the challenge of change.

OSI has demonstrated its ability to compete, very successfully, with the larger, more prominent consulting firms as we individualize for each client around that client's unique needs- not our own. OSI does not recycle the same old practices and products. Neither do we bill our clients for time-we guarantee our fees and delivery time for all engagement consulting. All of the firm's partners and staff are highly experienced possessing an average of more than twenty years of corporate and consulting experience. We deliver solutions and services that promote business and organization performance.

Most important, OSI is dedicated to engaging in best professional practice on behalf of its clients.


"In today’s business world, companies and entire industries are facing dramatic change which has led to an unprecedented level of corporate and industry failure. Companies and their CEOs need to understand how these change forces will impact their businesses. Jerry Want’s Saving the Company provides needed insight and direction for building high performing enterprises required for the age of radical change."
--Richard Teerlink, Chief Executive Officer (Ret.), Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"In a period of unprecedented change and outright chaos in the business world, Jerry Want brings a dead on perspective of how to manage those change forces and how to build high performing business organizations- business cultures-as the only true strategy for managing change. A must read for CEOs and other decision makers."
--Howard Levins, Former Chief Executive Officer, Digicon Electronics

"In today’s radically changed business climate, corporate culture has become the critical difference between failure and long-term success. Jerry Want provides keen insights for understanding and building ethical and performance driven business cultures."
--James M. Coblin, Former Vice President of Human Resources, Nucor Corp.

"Dr Jerry Want’s Saving the Company clearly illustrates how even the most successful of companies can fail as well as what to do to prevent failure. His unique Hierarchy of Performance, shows the importance of maintaining higher performing, business cultures in today’s fast paced business climate."
--Trey Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Green Geeks, Inc

Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner on Corporate Culture:

Charlie Rose: What is the most important thing that CEO's can do to ensure the success of their business?

Lou Gerstner: CEO's need to recognize that corporate culture is not just one thing they have to attend to, it's EVERYTHING they do.